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Gateway Operations Limited is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, is recognized by the New Brunswick Construction Safety  Association (NBCSA) and is certified through the Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is responsible for maintaining and rehabilitating the Route 1 highway?

2. What are the limits of the Route 1 highway maintained and rehabilitated by Gateway Operations?

3. What are the Snow and Ice Control levels of service for the Route 1 highway and how are they achieved?

4.  Do pavement temperatures have any effect on snow and ice control (SNIC) materials and when are SNIC materials applied?

5. What is Anti-icing and when/why is it applied to road surfaces?

6. What is De-icing and when/why is it applied to road surfaces?

7. What is Road Salt and when is it effective?

8. What is Salt Brine?

9. What are pre-wetting materials and why are they used?

10. What are the different snow and ice control (SNIC) materials and what is common to Route 1?

11. Is sand used on Route 1?

12. What are plow routes and plow cycles?

13. What are the typical speeds for plow trucks?

14. What Plowing Configurations are designed for Route 1?

15. What is independent plowing?

16. What is tandem plowing?

17. When is it safe to pass plow trucks on multi-lanes?

18. Why is there more snow observed on the passing lane of a multi-lane during or shortly after a winter storm?

19. Why do some sections of highway appear to be in better condition than others during a winter storm?

20.  Are the plow routes and plow truck locations available to the public?

21. Where might the public learn about current road conditions, travel advisories and construction activities for Route 1?