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Gateway Operations Limited is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, is recognized by the New Brunswick Construction Safety  Association (NBCSA) and is certified through the Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA)

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Dexter Construction was awarded the Design Build (DB) Contract for the Route 1 Gateway Project on March 31, 2010 and officially broke ground in July 2010.  The DB contract consisted of 55 kilometers of new four-lane highway, including new structures and road side assets, as well as numerous upgrades along the existing corridor.

The main objective of this highway project was to provide a safe and efficient highway corridor for the residents of New Brunswick and for the visitors of the Province, but was also initiated to create an economic development engine to promote growth and job creation within the Province both during and after construction. During its peak construction period, the Project employed over 700 people and stimulated millions of dollars of economic benefits for local companies and neighboring communities.

During the construction period, the DB Project Team overcame many challenges including a “once in 100 years” severe rainfall and flooding event while in the grading phase.  This flood resulted in the loss of some minor equipment but caused only minimal delays to construction at the time of the event. The discovery of one of the oldest archaeological sites in Northeastern North America resulted in the realignment of a section of the original designed route and the  world renowned Fundy Tides, some going as high as six meters above low tide levels, involved innovative thinking and specialized technology while working on new bridge constructions.

Through all of these challenges, the DB Contract was officially completed in October 2012, many months ahead of the original estimated three year construction schedule.